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Free Wallpaper pack!

THE SHADOWS .:Free Wallpapers:. by E-Kathryn

Drawing Ideas? 

2 deviants said Elsa (Frozen)
2 deviants said Shatter Me (Lindsey Stirling)
1 deviant said Julian Halo (Shadows)
No deviants said Hiccup (Httyd)
No deviants said Other


Hey that's cool!
Fri Dec 20, 2013, 6:09 PM
Tue Dec 17, 2013, 6:50 PM
Hiya Skippy!
Tue Jan 15, 2013, 7:29 PM
Hi! XD
Tue Jan 15, 2013, 6:08 PM



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Artist | Professional | Literature
United States
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Hi, I'm your friendly neighborhood Birdie, I am the author of eight books in the series THE SHADOWS (still working on the 9th) I'm in the process of illustrating, and editing, and I am here for fun art and input.

So Welcome to Birdie-dom! Home of Artwork, Graphic design commissions and Cosplay! Check out my gallery folders for my series of Book covers and All my Cosplay characters! You can find my negotiable prices in my prints shop and custom box below. I love this site so if there's anything you'd like to see out of my gallery just ask! I love watching anime, and BBC shows so suggestions and conversations are welcomed =P!


WIPS, Messaging, and more fun!

I Didn't do nothin' (Contact Info) by E-Kathryn
I reshare silly things on :bulletblue:Tumblr:bulletblue:
My first account is here with lots more art :devart:Crimson-Strength:devart:
Want some cool art on your walls? :daprints:Prints:daprints:
A more professional look of things... jk :bulletblack:Portfolio:bulletblack:
Want to Email me? Request a commission? or chat? :bulletred:Gmail:bulletred:
I post tons of WIPs for you to see my process on :bulletwhite:Pinterest:bulletwhite:


THE SHADOWS .:logo and info:. by E-Kathryn
The Shadows are a race apart from the Humans chosen at birth by the Trust of the Shadows to wield abilities. The story is set in the year 2030 onward focusing on a young Shadow named Mark Halo who has recently discovered his powers. While most Shadows are taken to the "ASH" at birth, his power is to hide from and defy the ASH. Through the story he learns this power can free the Shadows and later he learns about the secrets the ASH has held about the Shadows since it was created. Mark goes from thinking he is a Human to striving for the highest possible rank in the Shadows, The Overseer, which would make him ageless and responsible for keeping secrets and revealing them in due time.

If you have further questions about the Shadows, a requests for excerpts feel free to ask. For more updates and quotes from the books please visit THE SHADOWS's blog at theshadowsillustrations.tumblr…

My Quotes

"Toe My Ugly" - my Latin teacher

"You went and reduced a bag of split peas to baby food and you won't eat cream cheese?" - My Dad

"Do you like stairs?" - the 6th Gate Keeper

"didst thou ask? Didst thou receive your answer? Dost thou know what lies ahead?" - Peace

"Gravity creates force, force attracts light, whatever the light touches is in gravity, but when darkness touches it... gravity exempts darkness, darkness controls energy, so whatever the darkness touches is in the energy of a different light. It's thick, you can't move in it. you can't fall. There's pressure, closing in; coming from all sides of you. Increasing... increacing... there's no sense of what is up or down. That's what darkness is like. You have an ever present sense that you could be crushed at any moment." - Skyelum Spero Hawkin

"I'd prefer you'd just say thank you and go about your day!" -My Uncle

"Our screams in unison saved us!" My friend Jenna

"Well, duh no this isn't a congress," - my friend Jiles

"Salty, irony, blood actually tastes good," - my editor

"What makes a civilization a society are the things that make us Human; Music, Art, and Dance." -My dad

"If this is Love then why do we Cry when Anger is tearing all out Hearts out?!" - Jitter Doll

"Time flowed by endlessly, and he was completely perfect while he was completely alone." - THE SHADOWS: Nova's Love

"Then I'll threaten to call a doctor" - my Latin teacher

"That's why! When a Scott does something amazing, you say, 'Great Scott that was Amazing!" - My Scottish Dad

"The Greatest Mystery on Earth: Where I left my Tea" - Me

"Be careful when you look into the Abyss because the Abyss looks back into you," Mr. Mustache

"Bonzai, Daniel-san" - Karate Kid

"Every family has a kid who won't eat, my kid brother had not eaten voluntarily in over three years. My mother on the other hand had not eaten a hot meal for herself in fifteen" - Narrator Ralphie Parker

"You fell victim to one of the classic blunders, the most famous is never get involved in a land war in Asia but only slightly less well known is this; never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line! Ahahahahahahah" /dies - Vizzini from the Princess Bride

"Quod Melius? Esse maestur aut esse irascetur? Which is better? To let loose your cry or your anger?" - Irwin Halo

"Life is pain highness, anyone who tells you differently is selling something!" - the Dread Pirate Roberts

"All around me are people telling me who I should be, I hate to disappoint you but these are the colors that I see, if there's just as many colors as there are Human beings, maybe you're just color-blind and missing out on everything!" - Nano Black Board

"The more movies we let you watch the more sense life here is going to make?" my Mom

"We're Scottish, we're Swedish, and we hate the English!" - my siblings and Swedish friends

"Aside from the initial stake which seemed to stab Irwin in the chest, he would have failed right then, fallen back, and fainted." - THE SHADOWS: Strength's Conflagration, After Danielle's water broke.

"If Ocie was upset they all knew not to pester her further, her emotions poured waterfalls literally and unless one wanted wear wet clothes all day it was suggested that shutting up was the best option." - THE SHADOWS: Strength's Conflagration Chapter IX Hours

"You think you had a hard day, try feeding a dragon, first you got to round up the locals and when you run out of locals you got to round up the natives and when you run out of natives you got to round up the heathens, and they're not all as crunchy as they seem." - my Scottish Dad

"Played wrong: Violin sounds like strangled rats, Accordion sounds like dying cats, and Bagpipe sounds like a tortured baby dragon!" - My Scottish Dad

"This is a country where men can wear skirts with the little accessory in front and play a dead cat as a musical instrument!" - Robin Williams

"Improvisation is by its nature 97%... garbage!" - Actor of Gimli

"But gentlemen! It is not the end of time! It is scarcely 10:30, haha!" - Dr. Aziz from Passage to India

"There are exceptions to every rule" - Bob Ross

"Hey they started teaching you how to be sergeant obvious instead of captain obvious?" - my Dad to my brother

"When a guy does something stupid once it's usually because he's a guy, but when a guy does something stupid twice it's probably to impress some girl" - the once-ler from the Lorax

"I never thought I'd die in the passenger seat with a child behind the wheel! But, Lord, this isn't how I go!" - my Mom while I'm driving.

"The possibility of one looking stupid is always highest when one is trying to look cool" -penguin-katana

Sis: "see it's good to have a brother who knows a lot about guns," me: "and a sister who collects bullet shells!"


For extra characters or back grounds add one third of the original price, each action (character or background) is the extra price of 1/3 the original [ex $30(original) + $10(extra character or background)]
Traditional Paintings
canvas paintings such as portraits and scenery (provide picture); -- $20 or 1600Points + sizes 11"x14" $3 or 19"x24" $15 for the canvas (this may not be paid for with points)
Painting Portraits (full body)
Shadow Blaze by E-Kathryn
Shadow Ignition by E-Kathryn
Shadow Fire by E-Kathryn
For painting style portraits of original characters for fan art of characters half body (full Body) -- $20 or 1600Points
Painting Portraits
For painting style portraits of original characters for fan art of characters half body (shoulders, waist, knees up) -- $20 or 1600Points
full color line art
For full color digital line art drawings, such as anime or cartoon -- $15 or 1200Points
Designs and Interfaces
ogos, CD covers, and avatars -- $10 or 800Points
Shaded Pencil Sketch
For shaded pencil drawings of portraits such as photo reference, and celebrities -- $5 or 400Points


If you would like to commission me please E-mail me at

include the details of the commission further payment details will be sent by email after the commission is confirmed.

In your email please include several visual references attached. For OCs include as many drawings you have of this character or characters as you can. For Celebrities (traditional) please include one certain picture which you intend to have drawn. For portraiture (traditional) again include one specific picture. For designs, such as CD cases or advertising posters, please include a picture with the desired background or as little background as possible (ex, sky, green screen, blue screen, white wall or sheet). Likewise, include desired font style and estimated dimensions (if not CD cover)

After Emailing me the details of your commission, I will respond that email to confirm this email will include the price, my address so that you may know where to send payment, I accept cash or check, but unfortunately I do not take Paypal.

Once the Commission is complete you may specify whether you would like me to send it only to you, post it also to DeviantArt, or in the case of traditional work you may include your address so that I may send you the original. I intend to also include the commission as a print, please specify otherwise if you do not want this.


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