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Photoshoot ideas? 

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If you would like to commission me please E-mail me at

include the details of the commission further payment details will be sent by email after the commission is confirmed.

In your email please include several visual references attached. For OCs include as many drawings you have of this character or characters as you can. For Celebrities (traditional) please include one certain picture which you intend to have drawn. For portraiture (traditional) again include one specific picture. For designs, such as CD cases or advertising posters, please include a picture with the desired background or as little background as possible (ex, sky, green screen, blue screen, white wall or sheet). Likewise, include desired font style and estimated dimensions (if not CD cover)

After Emailing me the details of your commission, I will respond that email to confirm this email will include the price, my address so that you may know where to send payment, I accept cash or check, but unfortunately I do not take Paypal.

Once the Commission is complete you may specify whether you would like me to send it only to you, post it also to DeviantArt, or in the case of traditional work you may include your address so that I may send you the original. I intend to also include the commission as a print, please specify otherwise if you do not want this.


Colored Pencil Drawing
Jeromy's Mad by E-Kathryn
Hiccup - Httyd2 by E-Kathryn
Unfair Advantage - Shadows by E-Kathryn
Please specify black lines or colored lines
For extra characters or back grounds add one third of the original price, each action (character or background) is the extra price of 1/3 the original [ex $30(original) + $10(extra character or background)]
Traditional Paintings
canvas paintings such as portraits and scenery (provide picture); -- $20 or 1600Points + sizes 11"x14" $3 or 19"x24" $15 for the canvas (this may not be paid for with points)
Painting Portraits (full body)
THE SHADOWS: Halo's Rag Doll by E-Kathryn
THE SHADOWS: Nova's Love by E-Kathryn
THE SHADOWS: Trust's Anticipation by E-Kathryn
For painting style portraits of original characters for fan art of characters half body (full Body) -- $20 or 1600Points
Painting Portraits
For painting style portraits of original characters for fan art of characters half body (shoulders, waist, knees up) -- $20 or 1600Points
full color line art
For full color digital line art drawings, such as anime or cartoon -- $15 or 1200Points
Designs and Interfaces
logos, CD covers, and avatars -- $10
Shaded Pencil Sketch
Hiccup - How to Train Your Dragon 2 by E-Kathryn
The Basilisk by E-Kathryn
Day Care-Night Care by E-Kathryn
For shaded pencil drawings of portraits such as photo reference, and celebrities -- $5 or 400Points



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Artist | Professional | Literature
United States
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Hi, I'm your friendly neighborhood Birdie, I am the author of nine books in the series THE SHADOWS (still working on the 10th) I'm in the process of illustrating, and editing, and I am here for fun art and input.

So Welcome to Birdie-dom! Home of Artwork, Graphic design commissions and Cosplay! Check out my gallery folders for my series of Book covers and All my Cosplay characters! You can find my negotiable prices in my prints shop and custom box below. I love this site so if there's anything you'd like to see out of my gallery just ask! I love watching anime, and BBC shows so suggestions and conversations are welcomed =P!



The more electricity you use to create a thing does not reduce the skill needed with which to make it.
(to all those people who doubt using a tablet means art is "hand drawn" or playing the electric violin means you have less skill to play a real violin)

Of my character Ira's many intricate evil plots in book eleven, his plan for his revenge on his maker, Irwin, is my favorite so far. 
step 1. Darkness
step 2. Hallucinations
step 3. Blinding light
step 4. Talking (holy mother of frickin' cows A LOT of talking! Ira! for the love of God Shut Up!!!!)
step 5. Torture!!! bloody torture for weeks on end!
I finished writing book 10 last night at 1:30am and I was so happy I wrote "To Be Freaking Continued..."
Kirito GGO Cosplay coming soon!
Cheating is just an easier way to get hard things done.
"No Dragon is capable of getting into as much expected trouble as an active three-and-a-half-year-old." -…
"What more value is there than a friend when you are most needed?" - Mark Ezra Halo
"Well any normal person would leave it alone, but I'm not a normal person and nobody was home! Yoga Pants!" - Tim Hawkins
Just because football gets the family together doesn't mean they're all getting along.
I'm doing an audio book of QueenAurora's "return of the dragon rider"! listen here…
"I didn't hit him..."
"What! this [massive goose egg] just happened?"
"I threw rock at him!"
-QueenAurora ( "Return of the dragon rider" ch17 
Go Read!…
Must.... have.... more... FANFICTION!!!!
"Having courage isn't the same as having no fear, it's being afraid and pushing forward anyway, whether that means saving a baby dragon, protecting those you love, or giving a special someone the butt-kicking they so richly deserve!" - #HiccupHorrendousHaddockIII #dragonsridersofberk 
I was brainstorming for #NaNoWriMo with a friend and the name we came up with for the main character is "Le Marquise Microux de Choixton duex" Dude!!! that's like the longest, coolest name ever imagined. Aside from Silverstonarellena.
Two most annoying things in the world: Leaving the door open, and stating the obvious.
"Dusted in blush, rose and apple crush, one more mask for one so weak" 
That line expresses the triviality of trying to put on a good face for others, and sums up what I stand for. Don't believe your beauty relies on "borrowed wings" because you'll believe your nothing if those wings are taken away. You're beautiful all by yourself! #hatsunemiku #rawbeauty 
I just wrote one of the saddest, darkest scenes in my writing career! "William sputtered, his last obtainable breaths gurgling with blood as he struggled to gather any air or life." #characterdeath #markhalo 
Nothing's more depressing than having two characters argue through the whole book then kill one at the end. #markhalo   


WIPS, Messaging, and more fun!

I Didn't do nothin' (Contact Info) by E-Kathryn
I reshare silly things on :bulletblue:Tumblr:bulletblue:
My first account is here with lots more art :devart:Crimson-Strength:devart:
Want some cool art on your walls? :daprints:Prints:daprints:
A more professional look of things... jk :bulletblack:Portfolio:bulletblack:
Want to Email me? Request a commission? or chat? :bulletred:Gmail:bulletred:
I post tons of WIPs for you to see my process on :bulletwhite:Pinterest:bulletwhite:

Free Wallpaper pack!

THE SHADOWS .:Free Wallpapers:. by E-Kathryn


THE SHADOWS .:logo and info:. by E-Kathryn
The Shadows are a race apart from the Humans chosen at birth by the Trust of the Shadows to wield abilities. The story is set in the year 2030 onward focusing on a young Shadow named Mark Halo who has recently discovered his powers. While most Shadows are taken to the "ASH" at birth, his power is to hide from and defy the ASH. Through the story he learns this power can free the Shadows and later he learns about the secrets the ASH has held about the Shadows since it was created. Mark goes from thinking he is a Human to striving for the highest possible rank in the Shadows, The Overseer, which would make him ageless and responsible for keeping secrets and revealing them in due time.

If you have further questions about the Shadows, a requests for excerpts feel free to ask. For more updates and quotes from the books please visit THE SHADOWS's blog at theshadowsillustrations.tumblr…


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